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Rethink and maximise your marketing effort

We’re here to partner with you in growing your Business and Brand online. We specialize in increasing your Business ROI and helping you to spend your marketing budget more effectively by using data driven marketing Solutions.

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Digital ads represent a huge part of advertising spend, but they don’t have to be impersonal. We provide a human touch that improves response rates and drives ROI back to your bottom line.

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Social Media Advertising

With strong experience in developing audience-tailored marketing strategies for small or medium sized business, we are here to help startups and existing brands grow exponentially.

Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Ads

How our Social Media Solutions works?

Optimize your social media page with relevant content and high-performing ads to bring required ROI to your business.

We help you to identify your audience segments and develop a messaging framework that captures their hearts and their mind to convert them into paying customers.

We write ad copy that attracts viewers, that has been tested and proven to work. Our Ad copy is simple and to the point, so anyone can read it and understand it.

No need to check your messenger each time someone lands on our page. Mimshacks provide Hassle free solutions to our Facebook Advertisers that helps in nurturing your prospects into leads for your sales and marketing team to follow up.

We want to see your business grow online. Another thing we have always kept in mind is, “What really works for your business?

Based on these two things, we have created a very flexible ad copy generation system that could generate several ad copies with different headlines and body text. You will love the results you get.

Our team of experts will optimise our clients’ ads regularly to make sure we are bringing more traffic towards your website or offline store, Facebook page and generate better sales for your business.

We analyze every aspect of your brand to determine which social media platform is best for your business. We create strategies based on each potential network’s engaged audience and content type. Your social marketing strategies are always custom tailored to fit the needs of your business or organization.

While we bring the advertising background and technical know-how to the table, you know your business and customer behavioral characteristics better than us. Our team takes the time to understand what it is you do and how you make money. We’ll get to work researching your industry, and come away with a psychological understanding of your customers and how best to appeal to them on Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, twitter and so on.

We’ll design attractive ads for you that will conform to the requirements of each social media platform. Our in house team has even helped our clients shoot video commercials for display ad campaigns on Facebook and YouTube. But the type of ads depends on the package you buy eventually.

At Mimshacks, we do a lot more than feed you cat videos. We’re also at the forefront of evolving advertising technologies. We are continually improving our ad offerings, whether that means helping you learn about your customers or better reach the ones who matter most.

Data based on our data-driven marketing platform allows us to be more effective with your campaign,  Our Team will continually optimize your campaign for the highest ROI. More targeted traffic with a better ROI.

Our Approach To Facebook Ads Management And Social Media Advertising

The Funnel Hacker Exclusive Facebook Ads Strategy that generates 20X more visitors than other ads

Search Marketing Ads

Only 10% of paid search account managers optimize their accounts every week.

The other 90% don’t work for Disruptive.

The vast majority of advertising products and processes were created without considering the user’s experience first. In almost every category, we believe that you must lead with the user—deliver a simple, beautiful, frictionless, delightful experience—which in turn delivers greater results for the marketer.

We have been managing paid search campaigns for both local and international businesses in the USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai and Mauritius.

Our experience has allowed us to create a successful campaign management process that literally sets our clients up for success and ensures that their campaigns are performing at maximum potential which are generating ROI for their businesses.